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Letter from the President

Hello, I am Joe McClure, President of Montrose Travel. When my wife, sister and I bought this company from our parents in 1990, we expanded our product lines and grew steadily despite multiple recessions and the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a day that forever changed the travel industry, and the world. Firmly established as one of the Top Travel Management Companies nationwide, we have earned national acclaim for our continued business success. In addition, the Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating based on our reliability.

I am proud to say that we continue to challenge ourselves daily to work harder and smarter than our competition in a never-ending quest to provide unsurpassed value and to exceed the expectations of our customers as their travel partner.

Our company is built on one single premise — personal service; which is reflected in our mission statement, "Helping people travel. One at a time.©" Our seasoned travel professionals stand by our mission 100%.

As your complete travel solution, we can help fulfill all of your travel needs — flights, cars, hotels, cruises, vacation packages, romantic travel, business travel, incentive travel and group travel. Anything you need, we can provide.

Please feel free to email me directly at: joe@montrosetravel.com if there is anything I can do for you. I look forward to hearing from you.


See what our customers have to say about us

Robert Wood

Wonderful Service! Will use again! Pat Ford was a fantastic agent.

Margaret and William Romoser

This was my first experience using a travel agency and Karen Kelly was extremely personable, knowledgeable and efficient. She was very quick to respond to questions and provide information. I can't imagine how she could have done any more for us or done it better. She was terrific.

Annie Perrin

Dear Carol, I am an Executive Vice President at The Energy Project. Montrose provides travel services for our entire company. I lead two teams that travel extensively. Over the last several days I have heard from multiple people that the service we receive from Montrose is stellar and significantly eases our collective travel "stress". For a team of professionals who have to travel and then show up ready to deliver high stakes programs to large audiences this is a HUGE advantage. I am deeply appreciative for your professional team. Thank you for making our travel and work as stress free as possible. With deep appreciation, Annie Perrin

John David Adams

Everything was perfect! Maria is the best and always on top of everything.

Jerrald Goldman, MD

Ms. Perkins, Kathy, went out of her way to help me. I who is an add on to this trip sponsored by Kenwood. I was able with her help to cancel a pricy reservation and she was able to obtain a more reasonable itinerary and less costly. She is much appreciated.

Spiro, JoAnne, Troy and Sophia

On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank you and Montrose Travel for putting this trip together for us. Kathleen was precise and quick to lock us in, while still allowing us some options. I am sure that she did what she could to provide what we needed, as well as any value that could be found. She was our guide, as we traditionally are not a traveling or vacationing type of family. She made making the arrangements a simple task. We look forward to the trip, and have you at Montrose Travel to thank for putting it together. In addition, this trip starts on July 25, which will be JoAnne and I's 17th wedding anniversary. On that Saturday, 17 years ago, we mourned the loss of one of bachelorhood's greatest players............well, may not quite that. Anyway, this July 25 falls on a Saturday, and we will enjoy the day as well. Thanks So much, Andi. My best to you and yours. Please say hello to Joe as well. Spiro, JoAnne, Troy and Sophia

Luke & Julie

Kathleen we love the trip you planned for us -it couldn't be better!! We picked up Gavin at the Rex and just ditched the kids for a couple glasses of wine on a rooftop bar. Our consigner arranged the private coliseum tour for tomorrow morning. Thank you

Susan Pettibone

Your agent Angelina Bautista was excellent! Not only did she find a flight plan when I wanted it, she arranged a flight plan for my sister. She managed to get the same flight for us from Charlotte to Memphis. She also arranged for our seats to be together. Polite, efficient, respectful, and reassuring. She is the kind of employee your company should keep!

Diane Allen

Sandra was so helpful in the planning process for our family cruise in February. She was very quick to respond to any questions we had. She had great advice and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her. We would recommend her to anyone traveling in the future.

Arlene Vander Werff

As a senior citizen, I do so appreciate making travel arrangements with a "real person." Angie was knowledgeable in answering questions and coordinating with my tour operator.

Karen Constance

Ruby has helped me many times in making my air travel plans. She has excellent customer service and always is extremely helpful.

Millicent Muschette

Loris Fusco is the best excellent travel agent we have. She is always pleasant, patient, etc. and goes out of her way to help and please to reduce the worries of travel especially since my husband and I are seniors and neither of us are computer literate.

Millicent Muschette

Loris Fusco is the best excellent travel agent we have. She is always pleasant, patient, etc. and goes out of her way to help and please to reduce the worries of travel especially since my husband and I are seniors and neither of us are computer literate.

Subbarao Gowdahalli

Lisa Chen provided an excellent service for my travel plan. She is very understanding, courteous and very prompt in her communication.

Dodie Grovet

Don't let Janice quit for many years to come. She is always so professional, responsive to special requests, etc. She is a definite asset to your agency.

Mary Ann Meyer

Sandra went above and beyond to help me. I thank her very much. She's very good at her job. Thank-you

Candace White

Good afternoon, Maria! We are back from our honeymoon, and we had such an amazing time!! We LOOOOOVVEED France, and we loved the package deal we chose! Thank you for all of your help, we appreciate everything you did to make our honeymoon a great one!

Richard Bingham

Maria did an outstanding job and the trip went extremely well. Thanks for being so efficient.

Robert Fossitt

Your Travel Agent was very helpful, She took care of all the paper work (The hard stuff)and our vacation was great. THANKS Grace.

Jerry & Krissie Giving

Dear Loris, We want to thank you again, this time in writing, for your expertise and generosity. We had a great time during our land tour and cruise to Alaska. Starting with a very convenient flight to Anchorage, the train ride to Mt. McKinley, the trip to Denali and then to Copper River Lodge were just wonderful. Finally, the trip to Whittier and the boarding of the cruise ship. The birthday party for Krissie was a feast topped with the largest piece of fancy, chocolate cake which neither of us could finish. It was just wonderful, we want to also thank you for your generosity in receiving the special gifts which paid for some good wine and on-board pictures. We look forward to out future trips arranged through you which we know will be perfect as usual. Sincerely, Krissie & Jerry

Mike Velasquez

Donna Tan was WONDERFUL! She was polite, friendly, helpful, understanding and went the proverbial extra mile in helping us make our travel reservations using two different accounts.

Claudia Munoz

I would like to address how great is working with Athena Betsamo. She is the best customer service agent. I really appreciate her assistance.

Mark Ireland

Hi Maria, It was by far the best trip of our lives! Every part of the trip was phenomenal, from Germany to Paris, to the wedding at the Chateau, to the cruise, and two more days in Paris. We have great photos to share. Uniworld is unbelievable. The staff is incredible, the food is way beyond any cruise food we've ever had (like eating in a 5-star restaurant every night) and the wines were simply amazing.

J. Jane Fraver

Maria, Thank you so much for all your work. I know it has to be pretty crazy right now and everybody keeps changing their minds or fishing for just the right cruise. We want you to know, we really appreciate all that you do. You my friend, are a Class A, Number 1, Cruise Specialist and I have loved every cruise you have set up for me, We trust you completely. J. Jane Fraver

Brue Ballard

Hello Maria, I know that Don Brown has already emailed or been in contact with you following our very wonderful cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam and that he expressed his thanks for all you did to make it possible. We did indeed have a terrific trip and enjoyed every minute. I would not hesitate to recommend Montrose Travel and you in particular for preparing the cruise. I don’t know if and when Cindy and I will be doing some more travel abroad but you can bet we’ll be in contact you. God bless, Bruce

Colin Lublin

Dear Montrose Travel, Carmela Flores has helped me with 3 separate vacations. Her service, planning and organization for all 3 were flawless. In fact, part of the reason I have not traveled frequently in the past was because of the problems I have encountered planning, booking, etc. Even online booking, while technologically efficient, can be a struggle for various reasons. Carmela single-handedly removed all doubt and because of her, I have a renewed energy to travel more often. I seriously doubt I would turn to anyone but her. Thank you, Carmela.

John Robson

Carmela is a very helpful concerned professional lady. This was not the usual request Montrose deals with and Carmela went out of her way to solve my needs. I am very grateful. Thank you Carmela.

Wahyu Dilts

have never used your service before, but Ophelia was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and made the process easy and pleasant. Thank you!

Don Brown

Maria is excellent. She helped us 5 years ago on a trip to Alaska. We came back to her this time because of the super service she gave us for that trip. I have recommended her to a friend for this trip and he is also very pleased. You are lucky to have her on your staff!

Dorothy Redrup

have never worked with such a wonderful agent as Maria, she goes above & beyond for her clients. I'm only partially thru my bookings.

Laurie Fenske

had the good fortune of "stumbling" upon Montrose Travel; and the even greater fortune of working with Kathleen Taylor. She is really fantastic! Montrose should be proud to have an employee of her caliber in their employ. She was gracious and very helpful.

HJ Dubrule

Maria, I hope you had a great Christmas-we certainly did. On a scale of 1-10 this trip was a 12! The accommodations, service and help at the Grand Colony condo resort were outstanding. The air travel arrangements were perfect. The rep who met us at the Belize City airport and guided us through the arrival and departure processes was unbelievably helpful. It was a surprise that he was there to meet us and what a pleasant surprise it was. San Pedro is a lovely little town that had great food and drink. The Belizean people with whom we interacted were fantastic- friendly, eager to help, happy to have tourists visit their island and their country. I am not sure what other superlatives I can come up with to express how much we enjoyed our trip. Please pass on our positive comments to your supplier. They did a marvelous job as did you. We are considering a Christmas trip for 2014 and will look to go to another country (we try not to repeat vacation spots as there are so many great ones in the world). I will do some preliminary research and then get back to you with some requests. Be well, happy new year and thank you for helping us have a fantastic 2013 Christmas.

Yogesh B. Parikh

would like to take this time to say thank you very much for all the work that Sharon Mariano did for my wife’s extremely emergency international trip last Monday. Our situation was completely helpless as we were all in different states at that time. Without Sharon and Montrose it would have been night mare to work out all details during our unfortunate emergency situation. Sharon worked from 4:30 PM and stayed late till 7:00 to assure everything was done properly. I am with Montrose for past 20 + years and just want to say thank you for having such a wonderful staff at Montrose. It has been wonderful working with Sharon and Phyllis for past 20 years. Overall, just want to take this opportunity to say that I am grateful for the professionalism, attentiveness and excellent work provided by Sharon and sincerely I am blessed to encounter such a wonderful staff who are kind and pleasant. I have never felt a need to write a letter of appreciation to any company in past but Montrose employees have left a long lasting image and as usual will highly recommend Montrose travel without any hesitation.

Madelyn Micallef

have been a client of Pat for many years. I started with Montrose because I had points on a credit card and Pat took care of me then. I have been with Montrose and Pat since then, even though I don't have that credit card any more. Pat is a great asset to Montrose.

Chris Chenoweth

You never cease to amaze me Nancy, you are literally the wonder woman! Again, after 13 cruises, and two large land-based retreats, I feel I am somewhat of an expert, to tell you how good you are, the best by far, that I have ever dealt with, you truly are a seasoned pro, someone to have real confidence in.

Stephen Priebe

Bill was wonderful to work with. He was courteous, professional, and very accommodating. My experience with him was, by far, the best I have ever had with a travel agent.

Julie Piontkowski

It was our pleasure to deal with Lisa Chen in cashing in our Visa points for plane tickets. She was informative, helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable, patient, upbeat and cheerful in helping me sort through something which others take for granted, She is the type of person I want to deal with. She made me feel confident in what I was trying to acquire in the flights. I wouldn't want to deal with anyone less. You have a pure gem and I hope you treat her as such. Thank you for hiring someone who makes us feel confident of being treated fairly. Thank you, Lisa This will be for comments. It was our pleasure to deal with Lisa Chen in cashing in our Visa point for plane tickets. She was so informative, helpful, knowledgeable, patient and cheerful in helping us sort through something that other people take for granted. She is the type of person we want to deal with as she made me feel confident in what I was trying to acquire in the flights. You have a real gem in this employ and I wouldn't want to deal with anyone less. Thank you for hiring her.

Antoinette Koytek

Lisa was extremely helpful and efficient. She brought up suggestions that I hadn't considered. She had it all covered. I would work with her anytime.

Nora Hogan

Lisa was very patient as we worked through a number of options. I enjoyed working with her.

Jay Gulati

Margie is a true professional and makes the customer her top priority. She is anxious to help in any way possible to make the experience of booking travel a pleasant event.

Veronica Chang

Ramona should be commended for her excellent demeanor and helpfulness. As a business owner it was refreshing to have someone give this kind of service.

Charlene Combs

I've booked 2 cruises in the last 3 weeks and Rhonda is exceptional. She suggests, never pushy. She really goes the extra mile. One trip is a surprise for my son in Oregon and she's handled it beautifully. She's a true asset to your agency.

Tracy La Monica

I have worked with Kathy Perkins several times with our Milken Scholars program. She is professional and beyond efficient. This past event in February 22-24, 2013 I had a scholar who had a flight canceled and was taking a red eye. The Scholar had made the arrangements herself. I called Kathy and asked if there was anything we could do for the Scholar. Kathy immediately sprang into action and booked a new flight which would get our Scholar in at 9pm and not a red eye. Kathy is amazing and always a pleasure to work with. Don't ever let her go! She rocks!


Aaron Logan was absolutely wonderful! He was curtious, helpful and prompt. More employees should be more like him. I booked 3 separate flights with him and was apologizing profusely because it sounded so confusing. Not to Aaron, he handled my flight arrangements just fine. I will definitely call your company should I need to book other flights, moreover, I will recommend your company to my friends and family as well. Thank you for a job well done, Aaron!

Rolinda and Lovell Harris

I am so grateful, thankful and appreciataive for Laila support and assistance today. SHE WENT BEYOND SERVICE! I hope you realize what a DIAMOND you have in your organization. Today was a very challenging for me on a Personal Level...and if she treats all her customers like I was respected and treated today..she is the foundation why your company is VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL. Mahalo nui loa (Thank you again Liala -- if you ever come to Hawai'i please call..I would love to take you to dinner.

Ardene Larsen

In the current business world, customer service is touted but almost does not exist. You have an exceptional employee, Maria, who exemplifies what outstanding customer service should be to your clients. She is not only very efficient, knowledgeable, courteous, thoughtful and eager to solve problems, she is the kind of person that makes your organization stand out. I have been a world traveler for more than 50 years. I have dealt with many travel agents. Most are not as knowledgeable as I am. I am a retired California attorney and a retired business owner in the Western states with more than 100 employees. During my recent cruise on Oceania, storm Sandy caused the itinerary to be changed. Maria knows the problems that we had with Oceana and has already addressed those issues with them. She filed a claim form before I even reached home. She sent me an email before we knew where we were going to disembark telling me she had already contacted Oceania to determine our status. I was extremely frustrated with the Oceania mid-level employees that made me feel like they could care less. When I called Maria to find out if she could get us a flight out of Boston, I experienced a caring and concerned person who made me feel like I was not alone in this situation. She has continued to help with problems I do not feel are for her to take care of. If I were still active in the business world, I would try to steal her from you. You are very lucky to have such a person in your organization. And as a direct result of her outstanding performance, I shall continue to use your organization for my travel needs.

Karin B. Soloway

Dear Mr. "Joe", I cannot begin to tell you what a gem you have in Maria Saenz. Not more than a couple of hours go by to get an answer to a difficult question. She likes to do everything yesterday! I have done a lot of traveling in my lifetime, worked with a local Travel Agent for 22 years, but I am not used to the kind of service I get from Maria! It has been a real joy to work with her! Sincerely, Karin B. Soloway

Christine Kent

Hello Mr. Autry, My name is Christine Kent. We recently returned from our trip to the Finger Lakes. When I called Montrose I got to talk to a young man, Rolando Roldan. I can't say enough about how helpful he was planning our trip. He went above and beyond. I can appreciate what a travel planner must do as I worked for an airline on the tour desk, and I must say Rolando's attention to detail was awesome and not something you see with a lot of other agencies. He even called me a few days before we left to go over everything and make sure all was in order. Everything went smoothly and there were no surprises thanks to Rolando. I wanted you to know you have a great employee in him. I appreciate all of his efforts. Thank you, Christine Kent

Albert and Lynette Kettenis

Hi Maria, I want to tell you that we had an absolutely fabulous time- everything you helped us plan was spot on. Amsterdam really got things off to a smooth start, and the hotel you arranged. "Royal Suite", well, suffice it to say that we didn't regret the decision to splurge for a minute- it was that good! it was a great idea on your part to extend out stay in Budapest Maria, we look forward to other adventures with you as our trusted advisor, and won't hesitate to recommend both you and Avalon Waterways to our friends! Warmest Regards and Thanks,

Lauren Mitchell

Hello, First of all, this email is extremely overdue and for that, I apologize. I wanted to take some time to send you both an email to let you know how fabulous Maria is. As I’m sure you already know, she is a tremendous asset to your company and specifically, to the Romance Division of Montrose Travel. Maria coordinated all of the details for a gorgeous honeymoon trip for my sister and brother in law in early July of this year. She put together a fabulous itinerary for them taking them to Moorea and Bora Bora in French Polynesia. When I couldn’t decide what I wanted to give them for a wedding gift, I decided that I would try to give them something unique by surprising them with some excursions and activities while in the beautiful islands. I reached out to Maria after I subtly asked my sister for her itinerary to see what their trip looked like, and shared my idea with her. From start to finish, Maria was such a joy to work with. She listened to my ideas, helped me price out activities, multiple times and was so patient as I went back and forth with her on deciding what activities to book. In the end, I decided on an ATV tour in Moorea and a private beach dinner in Bora Bora. While they absolutely loved the ATV Tour, unfortunately, they weren’t able to take advantage of the beach dinner in Bora Bora due to bad weather. Despite this disappointment, this proved to be yet another opportunity for Maria to shine. She quickly helped me obtain a full refund of the amount I paid for the private dinner on the beach, allowing me to give the money to my sister as a gift. A company can only be as good as the people who represent it to customers every day and that being said, I have a wonderful impression of Montrose travel because of my experience with Maria. Not only is Maria a superstar in my book, but my grandparents love her too and have been working with her to help them plan vacations for years. Maria is highly recommended and will continue to be highly recommended by our whole family. Thank you MARIA!!!

Anna Joanne Powell

Dear Mr. McClure, Recently I used the services of your agency to book a round trip flight from Binghamton, New York to Salt Lake City, Utah. I used air miles accrued on my Mastercard through Visions Federal Credit Union in Endicott. The agent who handled the transaction for me was Flora Sarokhanian. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe her. She was couteous and pleasant, well-informed, professional, accmodating when I asked for an aisle seat and patient with me as I am hard of hearing. She then asked if therr was anything else she could do for me. In this technological age it was a pleasure to do business in such a genuinely caring manner and I believe you should know what a remarkable woman she is. She is truly to be commended.

Diane K. Wagner

Dear Mr. McClure: I work in the health insurance arena where providing outstanding customer service is expected but often difficult to deliver at the level anticipauted and expected by the customer. I’m thinking this may often be true in your line of work also. In calling my ‘bank’ to begin the process of redeeming my points, I was transferrred to your company and Ms. Duran. I explained the flight that was needed, the date and times and Ms. Duran listened patiently as I’m sure I went on. She made the reservations and coinfirmed everything and I could not have been more pleased to send a text off to my granddaughter with the ‘particulars’. Ms. Duran encouraged me to check my email to verify that everything was as we planned. I am very bad at about checking my email and forgot all about it. It was a few days later that I received a call from my granddaughter questioning me on the departure and arrival times into Columbus (OH). I said, don’t worry I will call “Diana” and check. As you see Ms. Duran had provided me with her direct phone number. My only silent reaction to this was…’this must be a Best Pratice for this company, because no one ever gives out their direct number’. I placed the call and was able to speak directly to Ms. Duran. She remembered me. She began by asking me if I had reviewed my email message from your company, and I shared with her that I had not. After she explained what the trip had been booked for, I almost cried. I must not have heard the confirmation right or I just screwed up! I think the thing that surprised me most about Ms. Duran was her patience, and understanding and her willingness to do whatever she could possibly do to make this right for us. What she did to make this right not ony surprised me, but has gained you a customer for life. I can honestly tell you that if anyone would ask me about a travel agency, or about my expierence, I will tell that without a doubt, Montrose Travel is the company to go with, hands down! I am not the kind of person who writes tons of letters commending companies on their service, because quite frankly, I am usually ‘underwhelmed’ with the service that most companies provide. I am very pleased that this is not the case with your company. May I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your leadership and commitment to customer service, it really shows!!

Randy Kodama

Dear Candace and Daren, My name is Randy Kodama and my wife, Lisa, and I were trying to put together a somewhat last minute family vacation to South America or Thailand for December 2012. To give you some background, we have worked with other travel agents in the past but were extremely dissatisfied with the packages, communication and overall service levels. Our tendency was to avoid travel agents for our trips but with the complexity and limited time we decided to contact Montrose Travel. We were directed to Kristeen Huey and felt very comfortable with her from the start. After seeing that our options for South America were limited for what we wanted, we started to focus on Thailand and after several iterations, Kris was able to put together a package that was very close to our requirements. We found Kris to have excellent communication skills and she was very detail oriented. Most importantly, she was extremely responsive and quickly followed up on all of our requests. It was very refreshing to see her energy and hustle after our poor experiences with other agents. Because of some of the recent anti-U.S. activities and other personal reasons, we have decided not to pursue the trip to Thailand. However, because of Kris’s excellent customer service levels, we felt compelled to communicate our positive experience to you. It is very easy for consumers to complain about the bad but hard working individuals such as Kris do not always get the feedback. We hope to engage Kris on our next vacation planning opportunity. Best Regards, Randy Kodama

Jakob Horst

Athena is outstanding, professional, knowledgable, she goes the " extra mile" and i am very happy with Montrose :) All my colleagues give her the same rating.


Bill was professional and exceptionally skilled at assisting us in creating, confirming and then later adjusting our travel plans. We will definately use this service again. great thanks!

Kim Doris

Ms. Sandra Badgley is a real credit to Montrose Travel. She is extremely knowledgeable, bright, flexible and very patient. In addition to that, she was specially attentive to our personal needs. We feel very fortunate to have had her help and guidance.

Joseph Zoubian

Our management KN/Kuehne & Nagel USA made a decision to change all the corporate travel related concerns to Montrose. For me, it has been the best change ever. As my colleagues and I are getting the best service from the staff and Mr. Betsamo in particular.

Theresa Fragoso

My trip was absolutely amazing. I can't thank you enough for helping me get the apartment in Paris. Talk about location,location,location! The apartment was next to the Metropolitan Opera and a straight shot to The Louvre Musesum. We were close to the metro stations and felt more like parisiens than tourists. Thank you once again for your expertise. We are planning to take a trip next year to the South of France and drive over the Barcelona. Joey and I will make sure you handle our trip arrangements next year too! Thanks again! Theresa

Alexa Frampton

Maria knows exactly what our likes and dislikes are and she never fails to plan the best trips and accommodations for us. We just call and tell her what where we would like to travel to and she suggests and then arranges another dream come true vacation. We departed on 4/26 and returned on 5/13.

Milagros (Millie) Nuezca Yee

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Pat Ford for her exceptional customer service, professionalism, and going above and beyond I ever expected or imagined. About two weeks ago I contacted Montrose Travel to acquire assistance for my last minute travel needs. Trying to figure out how a family of four can make a trip to Florida in such a short notice was extremely stressful. But somehow, speaking with Pat and the personal attention and customer service she provided me, made me feel at ease. I explained my concerns, preferences, and other needs to Pat. She listened attentively, understood my concerns/needs, she asked the right questions, provided options, and recommendations. Pat was proficient and knowledgeable and I knew I wasn't dealing with a rookie. I initially spoke to Pat on Friday night the first week of April and the following week (business day), she provided me great options and after some back and forth conversation, we finally made a decision. Pat did an “amazing job” from the time I spoke to her and throughout the booking process to acquiring better seats for my family. We realize it was a disadvantage because we booked so late but she was very persistent and reassured me she was taking care of things. Pat absolutely took customer service to a whole other level. My flight leaves tomorrow night and I did not want another day to go by without informing you personally my sincere gratitude and appreciation for Pat. She is one amazing lady!!! Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Milagros (Millie) Nuezca Yee

Catherine Leone

My name is Catherine Leone. I am Keith Lehman's wife from Kenwood Usa. I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Perkins during our first Dealer Sales Incentive Trip with Aash, Andrew and the Montrose Travel Team. I needed personal travel arrangements made to fly my Aunty in from New Hampshire to join her sisters in celebrating her 80th Birthday. I immediatley called Kathy Perkins who made all the arrangements for me. She ia awesome. She has a beautiful speaking voice, a professional demeanor and guided me in choosing the right flights and accommodations which were better suited for my Aunt. We are Flying her in on Virgin America 1st class thanks to Kathy's great service. Now I can truly say I have my own personal Travel Agent I can always count on. She deserves to be recognized for her outstanding service to your Montrose Customers. By the way, Great Christmas Party!!! Keith and I had a blast!!

Frances "Kelly"

Eve is a Customer Service/Travel Agent Extraordinaire. She has made our complicated travel arrangements very easy for us. Her attention to detail, friendliness, professionalism and sense of humor has left a very good impression of Montrose Travel and we will most certainly call on her again!!!

Jose Tejeras

Thank you very much for the welcoming. My wife and I had an amazing time and experience. Everything went without a hitch and accommodations and services were top flight. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for everything you did to assure this.This is a trip we'll do again! And you guys will be who we hope sets up our next adventure. Thank you so much for your help and attention to detail. Maeruuru...

The Soto Family

Toni, I wanted to thank you on my parents behalf as well as mine for setting up such a GREAT & FABULOUS trip for them....They knew they were going to enjoy it, but NEVER this much!!!.....They came back raving about it and till this day talk about it to whoever asks or doesn't ask how their trip went.....They had such an amazing time and experience that they have recommended to everyone they share it with....It's definitely worth talking about, but better yet experiencing it personally.....From the time they arrived at the port to boarding on the first time to being on board to getting off and the stops.....IT WAS ALL WORTH IT AND AMAZING!!!!.....So thank you for doing such an amazing job and making my parents happy on their first cruise experience.....If you could find something else for me to give them, meaning price wise and different locations, I'm pretty sure I will book another cruise for them and they will take it with a smile and heart beat!!!.....So thank you very much Toni for being the professional that you are!

Bob Chapa

Good Afternoon, I was hoping you might pass along my glowing review of one of your top-notch travel agents. I have been a customer of PNC Bank for many years, and with a constant balance of over a million points I only use the benefits for travel. Over the years I have booked dozens of flights using the PNC Points system, and my call this afternoon surely ought to be shared with your management team and even the company President. I have never worked with a more friendly, energetic and polite agent as I did this afternoon with Marilyn (extension 526). She truly made one of my most cumbersome travel bookings (bringing along my wife and 3 children on this trip) feel as if it was a breeze. She was quick and extremely efficient and frankly one of the most polite people I have spent time with on the phone in a long time. She truly represented your company well. As the President of a multi-location sign and graphics company, I can honestly say that Marilyn carries all of the traits I actively seek when recruiting and retaining key staff. Please take a moment to thank her for her efforts today for me.

Lynette Therance

Rarely, do I write a formal letter of commendation regarding a member of the American workforce. Today (albeit, long overdue) I celebrate the opportunity that Edgar Lucas and Pamela Sanders provided me to take such an action. First, I will begin with Pamela: Pamela Sanders – Pamela graciously greeted me with a smile in her voice and a sincere interest in reducing my stress and anxiety for two trips I was planning, one of which was close to the wire. Pamela answered all of my questions, both over the phone and via email. She has excellent verbal skills and explained in detail the issues I did not understand. Pamela’s communication skills are exceptional. Pamela Sanders should be commended for the professionalism as she represents Montrose Travel very well. Now, what do I say about Edgar Lucas. He spoils me. Edgar has assisted me with four trips. My first encounter with Edgar was August 2009, when I wanted to go on a cruise for my 50th birthday the following year. Edgar also graciously greeted me with a smile in his voice, helped me select the perfect cabin, and even had chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne in my cabin when I arrived on board. NICE!!!

Dean & Susie Kiesling

Hi Toni - Back from the trip for just a little over a month now and Susie and I have the following thoughts and comments. First of all, thanks for all the gifts and kind messages - the welcoming flowers on board (they lasted a looooonnnggg time), the reservation at the special Pinnacle Restaurant (a very delicious multi-course meal on a formal night), the travel bags and the Christmas cards. There's probably more we forgot, but thank you for all. Thanks again for all your help, expecially your extensive pre-trip planning, investigations, and correspondence.

John & Shirley Bos

Thank you very much, Margie, for the special arrangements of our cruise. We loved the Nieuw Amsterdam, the deluxe service, the excellent food, ad infinitum. We cannot say enough good things about the cruise. Thank you again for helping make our Dec. 11 - 18 cruise very fine and memorable.

Monica Brower

Working with Montrose agent Laila and CU Rewards went really well. Will definately use you again! Thank you!

George Farley

Henrietta was knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful. A+

Sher Warren

Dear Ms. Fenton: Please pass on to the President that Kathleen Taylor was a fabulous representative of your company. She set-up all kinds of details for us in Greece, Turkey and Paris, and everything went as smoothly as clockwork! She was helpful with suggestions from her experience traveling and arranging travel for others, and that made all the difference for a seamless trip for us. Every one of her suggestions was perfect for the situation, and she literally "made" our trip a success. In future, she will be the person I turn to for other trips we will be taking. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there is someone in our community that will be able to help us with our travel plans, and go beyond just what is asked of her.

Brenda Poston

Hey Toni, Just letting you know how much we enjoyed our cruise that we booked through you. Everything went smoothly and our girls said it was the best vacation ever. Thanks for your help in booking this using our visa rewards. It was great!!!

Tony Gilstrap

Maria, Thank you so much for helping us with a vacation of a lifetime. I will surely recommend you to my family and friends.

Mike Platt

Maria -- I just wanted to let you know how fabulous of a time that we had a Caneel Bay. It was just wonderful trip. Thank you so much for getting us the upgrade -- our room was wonderful and had an amazing view. We are now huge fans of St John and will definitely go back. Thank you for your help in making it an awesome trip!!

Mary Louise Romero

To Whom it May Concern, My name is Mary Louise Romero. We often are quick to complain about a bad experience we have with a business in our day to day personal or professional life. I am a firm believer that we need to balance our lives by recognizing greatness and integrity, it it imperative we recognize and embrace that moment. I am writing this letter with the indeed intention to recognize what I as a customer experienced on the phone with one of your finest. Your, business is indeed fortunate to have Anita Kayekjian. This woman has indeed championed the qualities every business should strive to employ. She not only brings her best self to her place of employment she walks the walks of TQM-Total Quality Management, customer service, focus and satisfaction. I am honored to recommend anyone whom is looking for quality in a travel consultant to Anita at Montrose Travel. I hope all of your employees model the qualities she brings to the table. She is indeed quality and an exception to the rule of integrity. Thanks for taking the time to recognize the qualities I see in her. Her energy reminds me of this. "We make a living by what we earn, we make a life by what we give." She indeed gives a great sense of the world that can not be bought. My best, Mary Louise Romero Juvenile Justice Program Director Santa Fe NM, 87505

Julie Peters

Hi Toni, Oh my gosh. I've been SO busy. School started the day after we got back. I'm terribly sorry. It was the trip of a lifetime. The best quality time I've EVER had with my family. I've never felt closer to my stepsons, and it was just an incredible trip. Thank you so much.

Lew & Shirley Huston

Hello Susie: We have returned home from our San Antonio vacation. The flights were all on time and smooth flying. Your recommendation to stay at BW was excellent. The front desk personnel were extremely helpful in all aspects. We enjoyed the Riverwalk, Alamo, lunch at the revolving restaurant, trip to LBJ's ranch and other attractions. We want to thank you for making all the arrangements and connections. Also the breakfast buffet was very good.

Sher Warren

Hi Kathleen.....well, we are back! It was a trip of a lifetime, and we are still pretty much partially in Europe (at least mentally). Every bit of the trip was fantastic. There was not one hitch the whole way. All guides, drivers, reservations at hotels, for dinner etc. were perfect and on-time. We loved every minute of it. I will stop in and tell you all about it in the next couple of weeks, once I get settled back into my life here. You did an amazing job....it couldn't have been more wonderful! We are still floating....partially due to not being able to sleep yet....our body clocks are on European time and totally messed up, but it was well worth it! We virtually felt like we took three trips (Greece, Turkey and Paris). It was a dream.

Greg Hartke

Ofelia was excellent in making our arrangements and following up to make sure we got the trip we wanted. Suggestions were right on. Thank You. We look forward to taking our trip.

Skeat Courtenay

Toni was amazing. She was so helpful and so understanding of our needs. I will continue to use her for many years to come.

Wesley Schunk

Gina: I wanted to thank you for your continued assistance in making my travel arrangements. You always go above and beyond. Your assistance with my trip to Boston is a perfect example. I reserved a ticket to Boston Oct 31 - Nov 3. Unfortunately, the physician then canceled my meeting for Tuesday and requested I meet with him on Friday. This change in flights would cost Neogenomics an additional $250.00. With your quick thinking and dedication to save money, you were able to cancel the original tickets and reissue, saving Neogenomics $250.00. All too often I am told, I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. You Gina, always say "LET ME SEE WHAT I CAN DO". Thank you for your efforts.

DeWitt Lyon

David was very patient and capable in handling the researching of the best options re my request, involving flexible departure and return dates and times, and courteous in the process, which took some time.

Anna Toreky

Dear Maria !!! We have just returned from our vacation from Moorea . We had a fantastic time !!!! All the arrangements where done & we did not have to worry about anything .Just show up. We would like to let you know how wonderful the Legends Resort is. Perfect place to stay ! - it was a home away from home. Most comfortable & beautiful place. The service was FAB. The staff was outstanding & we could of not have asked for more. They also up grated us to a bigger 3bdr.2bth.villa. The view was to die for & our mother was very happy. Legend Resort also provided boat transportation to the privet island every 2hours that we enjoyed a lot. You have made sure that our vacation to be the best ever& we thank you so much for all your hard work. We feel that you one of the most valuable associate to Montrose Travel . Once again thank you for all you done !!!

Susanne & John Langworthy

We are very satisfied with our contacts with Loris and Maria regarding our recent trip to Spain. We had worked with Maria previously and therefore requested her again, but when she was unavailable she asked Loris to do some of the work. They were both responsive, reliable and helpful with ideas for our trip. Thanks!

Eric Peters

Sona was great!!!! Friendly and very helpful. She offered the earlybird check in which I've never used before. Looking forward to getting great seats.

Susan Schonfeld

Edgar Lucas was wonderful in taking all the information for a cruise and getting back to me via email with my questions. He is a great travel agent and will use him again.

AJ Mitchell

Ms. Bowker was/is the most caring agent I have ever had. I was a customer of "Vacation To Go" but now, thanks to her, I am a Montrose customer. I will be back for my cruise in 2012. Thanks again!!

Scott Howard Siegel

Dear Mr. McClure, Together with my wife Mikki, we want to express our appreciation for,compliments to and delight with Maria Saenz. Over the years we have worked with many travel agents but none compare to her. She does whatever it takes to help her clients find the perfect getaway at the right price and always adds an unexpected something that brings a smile to your face. Our friends and family now work with, praise and recommend her because of her warmth, never say no personality and attention to details. For Maria, the extra distance is par for the course. She is the personification of great customer service and the standard bearer by which all other travel agents should be measured. What prompted us to write, you ask? The reason is simple; she is helping us arrange a fall cruise and we have changed so many times, any other travel agent would ignore our calls. She on the other hand has risen above the call of duty, worked through our (my)parameters all with a genuine "smile" and sense of urgency. We thought you should know how we fell about this gem in your midst, thank you for her service and reinforce that because of Maria, we are Montrose Travel loyal and repeat customers. Keep up the good work. Best, Scott Siegel

Adrienne Rodriguez

Amazing! Wonderful and very friendly! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Carmela! I am using her for everything we do when we travel !!!

Jon & Dona Frisch

Anita was a pleasure to work with and talk to. She arranged exactly what I wanted even though I wanted a hotel that Montrose doesn't normally handle (Hotel Irma in Zihuatenjo, MX). From the very pleasant gal that answered the phone to Katie Guman who promptly answered my email, and Anita of course, on a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate Montrose Travel an 11+! We only get away once or twice a year, but we will certainly contact Montrose again for our next getaway.

Alexa and Larry Frampton

Maria, Another wonderful vacation trip you once again arranged for us. You know exactly what we like and you never fail us. For our first cruise, you selected a fabulous suite that literally took my breath away, wow!!!! Yes indeed you always know what will make us happy. We thoroughly enjoyed our land tour of Alaska and want to thank you for making a dream vacation come true. Fondly, Alexa & Larry

Diane Marie Boitz

The lady I dealth with was very cordial, respectful and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and helped me with all of the needs I had. She is a credit to you travel agency.

Taylor Lyndsay

Sandra was very helpful with booking my cruise. I even referred my friends to her to book their cruise also

Doug Smith

Diana is a fantastic representative, kept in touch and provided relevant & useful information. She earned a bonus.

Sylvia M., Tujunga, CA

When we decided to make the trip to see friends in Ethiopia, we were somewhat intimidated by trying to plan it ourselves, and so we used Montrose Travel to make our arrangements. We were helped by Anita Kayekjian, who specializes in international travel. She was wonderful, going to great lengths to arrange accommodations and transportation to and from the airport and hotel. The rest of the staff were very helpful and efficient as well. I recommend their services highly. Thank you again, Anita, and everyone else who helped us at Montrose Travel.

Wesley Schunk

Gina books all my travel for NeoGenomics Laboratories. She is awesome, providing timely and accurate reservations.

LaKayla Carpenter

Bill Durnin was so patient and understanding knowing that it was my first time doing this.

Ravindra Perris

I want to let Management at Montrose Travels know that our Cancer Research Division at Charles Drew University appreciates Ms. Manoel’s professionalism, friendliness and timely efforts in taking care of our Travel Arrangements. Generally, we hold several and large Conferences and working out travel details of out of state guests and speakers can be very cumbersome. Ms. Manoel takes care of the hassles and streamlines the process of booking our Speakers/Guests. So, please reward her efforts for all her help. Thank you.

Judith Harte

Loris Fusco has been absolutely wonderful. She is knowledgeable and helpful and extremely centered with regard to navigating vacation schedules such as hotels, fares, transportation, etc. Inshort she's saved my sanity!!!

John Bos

Margie Lopez has been exceptionally helpful. We usually don't book our cruises through a TA, but we are so very happy thus far with Margie's excellent service, information, etc., for our De. 11 - 18 Cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam out of Ft. Lauderdal. THANKS!!!

Nancy Greene

We always know we are in the best of hands when choosing Montrose Travel!

Lynn Dressler

Flora helped me so much. Great attitude. Friednly and extrememly helpful. Put my worries at ease!! Above excellent customer service!!

Dennis Burkett

Marilyn, Please pass this on to your superior if you wouldn't mind. I just wanted to take a brief moment and tell you how fantastic my experience has been with Marilyn Manoel when I booked my travel with your company. I am a PNC Bank Visa Rewards customer and serendipitously I 'met' Marilyn when I first called to book a trip. I again reached her on my second trip as well. Although you probablly already know this, she is fantastic at her job. She has the customer focus skills that are so rare in today's world. She exudes confidence to the traveler, really knows her stuff in navagating around airline schedules, hotel rooms, etc. You name it and she has it. She gets the job done and her positive attitude and reassuring personality are so comforting to the naive traveler. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how well she preforms at her job and how much I appreciate interacting with her. Going forward I will only use her for future travel bookings for my company. Marilyn - Thank you so much for your efforts. Customer Service is not just a department, its is a state of mind, and you own it. Thanks and I will be touch when I need to travel. Dennis Burkett

Katherine Durkee

Liza has been wonderful in helping us plan our cruise vacation. She stayed on top of price reductions and made sure our stateroom was in the best location. She is very knowledgable and has a wealth of information to make our vacation perfect. She is also the booking agent for our New England cruise this coming fall. I really appreciate her attention to detail. Thank you!

Denise Hooten

have worked with Montrose Travel before and both times have found the agents extremely helpful and courteous. Special thanks to Andrew Schroeder (air) and Pat from cruise for personable service!

Richard and Sylvia Haggen

What a genuine pleasure it was to work with you regarding our recent trip to Rome. The car was waiting for us at the airport to take us to the hotel after 24 hours of flying, the driver looked life "Prince Charming".

Our tour guide for the day, Maria Saenz, was gentle, lovely, educated, spoke excellent English and was a tremendous teacher. The itinerary was perfect. Our friends and us spent two days under her tutelage, and sincerely enjoyed every minute.

The van that we were drive in was very clean everywhere inside and out and so were the windows. It was large and comfortable and even had air conditioning. Both drivers were excellent and did not take us on any fast "joy rides".

The hotel you recommended was very nice, by the park and a shuttle ride away from the Spanish Steps was very clean and the staff was more than accommodating. We also enjoyed a buffet breakfast that was included. Also, they have an excellent gourmet "new Italian" style restaurant that appears to have been recently finished in wonderful modern Italian motif.

I truly enjoyed your professionalism and your delightful enthusiasm and personality. You worked very hard to provide just what we needed.

It was money well spent. We will definitely be repeat customers and we'll let you guide us to another memorable travel experience.

Raymon Chisom

I would never use anyone, but Bill - he is the best!!! Bill has assisted me with all my travel needs without EVER missing a beat... he is just outstanding! Thanks, Bill.

Diania Duran-Garcia

Diana is not only friendly, but more importantly, she is efficient and accurate. A pleasure to work with. Wish the entire travel industry had the same attitude!

Leslie Smallwood

The Montrose Travel agent was very helpful in getting my rental car for me and found everything I needed. I have always got good service when using Montrose Travel. Thank you for your service.

Marge Porter

This is our first project with Montrose Travel, with people flying in from all over the world. Sharon has been amazing. I feel like someone lifted a burden off my back.

Mitch Alrod

I was assisted by Eve Rockow. I travel frequently and therefore often interact with airline and travel agent personnel. Eve provided the best customer service I have experienced in a long, long time. She should be commended for her professionalism, diligence, helpfulness and positive attitude. She is a credit to your organization! I would very much appreciate your passing my comments on to her. Great job, Eve!

Gloria Karadimos

Roel was an outstanding agent. He worked very hard for me to try and find last minute reservations for Christmas so my family could be together. Not only was he working hard we had a nice fun chat on the phone which made the first experience with Montrose Travel extremely better. "Kudos" to Roel for going the extra mile for me. I need to try and get seats for my three members of my family all together. Great job! Especially for a first time customer. Thanks.

Jasraj Nagra

Lisa Chen was very knowledgable about reserving my tickets. She even suggested another airport in order to accommodate my travel dates!

Paul Way

Absolutely first class professionals. I really appreciate their attitude as I had to make many changes before finalizing. I was extremely impressed with both agents I worked with and have recommended Montrose Travel to others.

Marcey Zolner

Ramona did an excellent job answering my questions and making sure everything was perfect. She did a fabulous job for us!

Sal & Bobbi Gangi

We always seem to plan things at the last minute and Toni always seems to get everything organized and planned for us. She is great!

Bradley Walker

I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the help we received from one of your agents, Maria Saenz. She helped us make reservations for a cruise in August, but we neglected to tell her that we had a six month old child that needed to travel with us. I was under the impression that they would let the infant on the ship any way free of charge and I found out through the cruise line that that was not the case. And they also told me that even if they could, the ship was full and that I had to contact my travel agent. In a panic I called Maria and with a very cool and pleasant attitude she went to work. She called me back within the hour to confirm that she was able to get my son on the ship, and saved this trip from being a complete disaster. I still don't know how she worked this magic trick! It was our first family trip and it was a very memorable one. It never would have happened without the help of Maria. She is professional, pleasant, very helpful, and goes the extra mile for her clients. I would not hesitate to schedule another major family trip with her. Please see that my comments get to her supervisors.

Maria is Great!!!

Shelly Rae Brittell

Sandra is certainly one of your top agents and deserves to be praised for professionalism. She is exceptionally prompt in handling all requests.

Cindy Nguyen

We plan to book all of our future trips through Montrose Travel because of the great customer service & great deals!

Linda Hhood

We love Margie Lopez and I would always use Montrose Travel because of her, I would also recommend her to others.

Ania Flores

I've already been recommending your services to friends & family!

Lin Hinshaw

I have been using Montrose Travel as my agency for my many cruises over many years.

I need to bring to your attention to the excellent service, dedication and attention to detail, that Maria Saenz has given me over the years. I can always count on her. And, her friendliness and over all great customer service deserve to be recognized.

Also, I have been on the phone with Montrose Travel many times over the past couple of months, and Leslie, who answers the phone, also does an excellent job. When she was away on vacation recently, (there was a marked difference), she was sorely missed. Her good customer service also should be recognized.

Hooray to Montrose Travel. I would never hesitate to recommend your agency, or Maria, to anyone.

Mattie McCartney

Very nice lady - Shirley - I felt as if we were friends.

Tracy DeSanctis

Kathy is always helpful and knowledgeable. She always delivers excellent service.

Ruben De La Cruz

Jenny was very helpful and courteous with the utmost excellent customer service. She has helped in so many ways to save me money, which I'm very thankful for. So far, my overall experience has been beyond satisfactory, to where I even plan to book my honeymoon next year with Montrose Travel.

Thank you

Hal and Betty Russel

We would like to thank you for introducing us to Maria. We had an outstanding first visit. Maria showed a genuine interest in what we wanted. She knew how to immediately get the answers and even gave her professional opinions to help us make adjustments to our plans to assure a more pleasant trip. As she provides services, we feel confident that our initial, extremely positive impression will be reinforced and we look forward to building a history of travel with her.

Thanks again. And, yes, we are new happy customers of Montrose Travel!!

Paul and Maria Kaye

We got home on Tuesday to see your Welcome Home card. How very thoughtful. Our trip was wonderful. Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona were all special on their own merits and for that reason we don't have a favorite city. All had their own charm. The Westin in Madrid was so convenient to the Prado and Thyssen Bornemisza. At the Prado we were lucky to catch a special Vermeer exhibit which knocked our socks off. Dining was great too.

The 3 hotels were stunning visually. The concierge staff at all 3 hotels never steered us wrong. Our rooms were beautiful and even the order in which we saw the cities made sense. We started off with historic, sophisticated Madrid, then on to romantic, Sevilla, ending with modern Barcelona.

Barcelona was different in feeling, almost as if it were another country, which one day it may be.

We took the AVE from Madrid to Sevilla and flew from Sevilla to Barcelona. In all cities we took the local buses, metro systems or walked. We were happy to work with you and certainly happy with your recommendations too. Thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime.

Kim Labomme

Thank you Montrose Travel for making my first cruise wonderful.

Tim Dodge

Barbara was excellent! Getting me the best price and everything she did for me was great! I will plan my next vacation with her. Mahalo!

Francoise Snyder

Jenny was a delight to work with. Always pleasant and helpful!

Judith Klingbeil

Susie is the best! I refer all of my friends to her.

Elaine Lowrie Judy always does an outstanding job for me, which is why I keep coming back.

Thomas Muir

Toni is very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient;a credit to your organization.

Freddie Dominguez

Thank you for allowing us, along with our friends, to have the best time of our lives! We are looking forward to more vacations; so we look forward on Pat giving us the best rates that you all have to offer. Thank you once again Pat and the Montrose Travel crew!

Scott Steinfeld

We had a GREAT trip - thanks to Kathy! Kathy did a fantastic job making our arrangements and everything was perfect. Kathy was wonderful to work with, she was extremely friendly and helpful, and she was, without a doubt, the best travel agent I've ever worked with. Kathy is the best!!! 3 Cheers for Kathy!!!

Gerry & Gail Collins

Alaska was every bit as awesome as you said. Thank you so much for putting together out trip. Gerry and I had an exceptionally great vacation and I know it would have not been as good without your help. Everything was so well coordinated; it was nice to not have any hassles. The Yukon was my favorite so thanks again!!

Molly Cogan

Bill Durnin was excellent, pleasant, knowledgeable, and easy to work with (from a seasoned business traveler).

Roger and Veronica Wallace

Great Job! I spent hours on the internet attempting to find a reasonably priced trip and your agent found a more direct flight for less money within five minutes.

Don Brown

We haven't left yet but I got to tell you, Maria is the absolute best travel professional I have ever worked with in 40 years of traveling. If our trip is half as good as she is, it will be wonderful.

Greta Ibranossian Walt Disney Company

Loris has been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Though we are not 100% done with our planning, I am confident that Loris will see us through the process as seamlessly as possible. I am very happy with the service she has provided us and I will most certainly refer Montrose Travel and Loris to friends and family.

Lin Hinshaw

Maria Saenz is the best. She has been serving my travel needs for several years now, and I get the best of service.

Elsa K

wanted to tell you what a fabulous experience I had on the Holland American Line and their ship, the Oosterdam. I returned on Saturday and my son, his wife and I all agree that we could not have planned a better trip!

The ship is beautifully appointed. Our cabin with the Verandahs were attractive and comfortable.

The food was delicious! The onboard programs had something for everyone, and I particularly liked the cooking class with Chef Kreiger.

We got on & off the ship at the ports in a most timely manner and that is something that I particularly liked.

I thank you so much for all your planning to make this an experience I shall treasure and when cruising next time I will book Holland America without a doubt.

Charlene F. Bauer Senior Vice President Retail Services Metropolitan Credit Union

I have received excellent service from Katie Guman over the past few days.

My husband and I have been working on a very special vacation over the past few months. We booked our flights using our CUReward points through Montrose Travel plus one ticket using some Delta points. The airlines notified us recently that they have cancelled/changed the flights. This would mean missed connections and a shortened vacation.

Ms. Guman thoughtfully communicated the situation to us. She listened very carefully to our concerns and restrictions due to other reservations. She worked diligently in finding a viable solutions. She communicated updates in a timely manner. She was truly wonderful to work with and I felt she was our advocate.

Your company is very lucky to have an employee of her caliber servicing your customers.

Josefina Powe

Margie was very good and knowledgeable. I was really impressed by the personal service I got. I originally booked this cruise with United Cruises on Pride of America and when I talked to Margie I found that I could go on Pride of Aloha for a better deal. I gave up 22,000 double miles by not booking with United because even after they matched what Margie gave me, I felt that Margie went beyond her duties and offered me better customer service; and she was genuine and concerned about me, and she took the time to explain everything to me.

Glenn Cox

Kathy is top notch. Extremely knowledgeable and efficient. She seems to really care about her customers. A good salesperson, but I feel that she won't sell you a dog just to make a sale. Very important attribute that promotes customer confidence and return business. She very patient with newer travelers.

Prince Mercado

From the first time I spoke with Margie, we immediately hit it off like 2 peas in a pod. I can really say she was very friendly and helpful with all my family's needs. That's why I recommended her to my family and friends and will continue to do so in the future. From the beginning until the present, she has gone over and beyond my expectations! What an excellent travel agent! She has provided and represented your company with great customer service. Margie Lopez, what negative things can I say about her? NOTHING!

Prince Mercado

Margie is a very knowledgeable agent. My expectations towards her are great. She has accommodated my family and friends with their travel needs. I informed her that my daughter was having a birthday in June, and she went out of her way to plan a special evening for my daughter. I would recommend her to my family and friends again and most likely use her again for my next family vacation.

Kimberly Wallis

Kathy has always been extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and prompt!

Yvonne Mercado

Pat Ford has been great. I have booked with her for 3 different cruises because I have been pleased with her service.

Dave and Gerry Gervah

We have been very pleased with the services provided by Toni. We will continue to use Montrose Travel.

Cleta & Tom Porterfield

Barbara, we don't know if you even remember a service you performed for us in August but we'd like to tell you a little more about that "story."

We called on a Tuesday and asked you to get us tickets to Atlanta the following day, of a type that we could change the date of return if necessary. You did that most efficiently; Tom picked up the paperwork the same day. I think we told you the reason for the haste was that our oldest son, Greg, had been very suddenly diagnosed with cancer and was having major surgery on Thursday.

When we were flying to Atlanta, we were stunned, scared, (sick in my case with a cold) and about the only positive thing that was happening was that you had gotten us First Class Tickets!! for the price of Coach! We were so distracted we did not become aware of this until we were actually on the airplane! I know you don't need all this detail for us to say "Thanks!" but wanted you to understand our frame of mind at the time and how much this meant.

Terrilynne Lymburner

I have never used a "points referral" before and we had a deadline to stay within. Kathy walked us through all our options, spending much time with us, and alerting us to options I did not know were possible such as a cabin upgrade, and cash for a second person, so that we could use our points for a longer vacation and a route that we are just thrilled to have. Both my husband and I have significant food allergies/health reactions, and Kathy took care of working at documenting all for the cruise line, as well as helping us to determine if I would be cruising with my service dog, and the options that were available to make her and I more comfortable. In my opinion, and after many years of customer service experience myself, I feel Kathy went above and beyond to help us have a wonderful cruise for our 10th anniversary, and my birthday. I am looking forward to February 27th, and will definitely use Montrose Travel in the future!

Jamie Hardesty

Susie is great and helped us to save money and gave us some great info on the area that we are traveling to.

Deba Dunn Palma

Ramona was more than courteous and professional. I felt that she took a personal interest in my individual needs. She was friendly and promptly responded to my email requests. I have a fear of flying and she went beyond what I would have expected in a travel agent, by talking with me and reassuring me. Fantastic PR - I will recommend Montrose Travel to my frequent traveling friends.

Cheryl Ayers

Pat Ford was very courteous and was willing to help me in any way possible. She was greatly appreciated in my concerns and questions. My traveling experience was very easy due to her help. Thank You for your concern!

Darl Oats

Thanks so much! My trip was wonderful; I saved money and it was so convenient. The representative (Susie) was kind and pleasant to work with. I love your service and I will be using it again.

Steven & Patricia Clark

Margie is always cheerful and helpful in finding us the best prices. We continue to use Montrose Travel because of her superb service to us. We have moved out of state but will continue with Margie!!!

Karen and Albert DeMasi

Margie was very helpful in answering all my questions. She made me feel very comfortable about booking my trip without meeting her.

Madelyn Micallef

I started booking cruises through Pat at Montrose Travel because of reward points. I continued booking through Pat and Montrose Travel even though my CU changed cards and the reward points now do not use Montrose Travel. Pat is quick to respond to my phone calls and e-mails; and if she doesn't absolutely know the answer to a question, she will call RCCL to get me an answer and it is usually within the hour. I have booked several cruises with Pat and she is wonderful to deal with and gives great service.

Jackson Ku

This is my 2nd time using Montrose Travel. This time is just as pleasant as the 1st time. Kathy was great to work with.

Julia Fodor

Anita was great, very helpful and gave great suggestions.

Judy Silva

This was my first time using your service, my travel date has not yet arrived, but so far I have had exceptional service and am very happy that even though my travel plans were last-minute, both Susie and Henrietta were exceptionally accommodating, informative and professional.

Grant Hosford

We had a very last-minute request for a trip to Hawaii and everything went very smoothly. We had a wonderful trip!

Dale Buffington

Margie, knowledgeable and professional and helped me to make a good choice. Will definitely look to use her and your service in my next travel.

Bob and Diana Stager

Shirley was most helpful, courteous, full of information and timely. We have never traveled as this before and were very relieved to have such a competent individual to guide us through it. We do not leave for some time but we are confident all will work well.

Manuel & Martha Martinez

Thank you Margie for your excellent and prompt service, we will keep you and your travel agency for our first priority when choosing our vacation or traveling.

Elden and Doris Prazak

Anita Kayekjian did a great job on the travel plans. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Carrolle Aldrich

Montrose Travel is a First Class Outfit!

Donna and Frank Young

Susie was amazingly helpful, efficient, and persistent to get us what we wanted when she was told it was unavailable. She thoroughly impressed us with her every action. Then, once on Molokai she helped us extend our trip by a day without us having to do a thing but drink another Pina Colada to toast her. I have been in the customer service business for over 30 years and appreciate those who operate like she does - she is right up there among my best customer service experiences ever! Thank you Susie for everything - you represent your company very well and they're lucky to have you!

Bradi King

We used Margie last year for our cruise and she was wonderful! There was no question about having her book our cruise for this year. Her spirit is one in a million. I'm getting married next year and she's been really patient and helpful with all my requests and questions. I'm sure she'll help make my wedding day a special day. My family and I are so grateful for Margie. Traveling has never been so easy!

Ann and Walt Chandler

Ofelia answered all questions very well and simply made the whole experience easy. She handled callbacks in a timely way and well. Again, I am not really good on computers and it was a big help to have a real person that I could understand and ask questions of helping me. Thank you for your assistance...

Karen Furumasu

Anita was so great to work with that I called her to make the arrangements for my trip to Peru in September 2007 and have already asked her help for my trip to France next year.

Verne Patterson

Ofelia has been the best travel agent I have ever worked with. I will work all of my vacations with her and her only. She is a real asset to Montrose Travel.

Alfred and MaryJo Owenson

Margie has been terrific with all our travel plans, she has gone many an extra mile for us, we love her!

Ruth Lander

Maria continues to be the very best. We depend on her guidance and advice. Grade = A+++

Bonnie Sabott

I really like our Travel Agent, Liza. She checked out the various options, informed us of good price choices, called us back when we called with questions, and was available when we were ready to make our decision.

Shirley and Winston Sapp

Sandra is the best. She is one of the reasons we book our travel with Montrose Travel.

Keith & Frankie Ross

Just a note to tell you how pleased I was with your service and of course the fact that you saved me $2400.00. I couldn't believe that your price was that much lower than Costco and we even have the same rooms on the cruise. With this service and savings, you will certainly get our business in the future.

Wayne and Holly Angeloty

I am writing to you to tell you of the exceptional customer service we received from Ms. Maria Saenz. She made herself available to us to help sort out our cruise plans, which were changed due to the Swine Flu in Mexico. I am so happy and thrilled that she made it possible to put our family on a Carnival cruise to Oregon and British Columbia. There was a lot going on between my husband in San Jose and myself in Tujunga caring for my mom who had just had surgery. She made herself available to answer all our questions and made it very clear that we needed to make a decision quickly so that she could make the arrangements through Carnival in a timely manner. I so appreciate her diligence and professionalism to get the job done. I know it was a crazy time for your business, but she made if flow seamlessly. Thanks to her great service we will be on the Carnival Splendor, an upgrade from our original plans and I can't tell you how excited we are that she made it all happen!

John & Frances Cone

Just a quick note to let you know we had a great time on our cruise and we enjoyed the chocolate-covered strawberries - that was a nice touch and much appreciated! We will definitely keep you and your company in mind for future travel planning. For a free cruise, we sure had a great cabin, and you put us close to where we had to go the most often. By the way, when you get to go on your cruise on this ship, be sure to request a dining table that is serviced by Irene, a little lady from Manila. She is the best waitress you will ever find. Best Wishes, John & Frances Cone P.S. Port Canaveral is THE BEST as far as getting on and off the ship - we were in our car driving out of the parking garage 20 minutes after we left our cabin for the last time!

Neal and Roberta Duffy

Cynthia has been exceptional in keeping us posted regarding our sail from Galveston after Hurricane Ike. I have felt very reassured that she has taken care of everything and that we are in good hands. I look forward to meeting her on the cruise.

Virginia D Clark

I have just returned from a Fall Foliage Cruise on the Royal Princess. Fourteen members of my immediate family and Bob and Rhonda Holguin participated in a family cruise. The intent of this letter is to inform you of how pleased we all were with the personal, and, as always, professional way Maria Saenz took care of every detail beginning in April of 2007, when I first booked the cruise.

Maria has been taking care of my travel needs for many years and has never failed to make my travel plans a pleasant experience. I will continue to use Montrose Travel, and especially Maria, for any of my future travel needs.

Irene Mejia

Margie, I just wanted to thank for your assistance in making my cruise reservation. Your diligence and follow through on my reservation was significant in achieving - with the final result being a pleasant one. Your knowledgeable, professional, and courteous manner was very much appreciated. It was a pleasure making my reservation needs through you. I look forward to making my future travel needs and will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. I hope you are rewarded for all your hard work. Please forward this to your Management Team, as I want them to know what a great agent they have working for their company.


I consider you more than a Travel Agent, but a wonderful communicator and phone friend. I can never leave you because you have given me what Suzie has done for years - you are the individual that travels with me. You are my travel god. I can see why Montrose Travel has been able to survive during these tough economic times. Service is number one!! You are the role model and you manifest your enjoyment.

Diane Smith

My family and I have booked an Alaska cruise with Maria for this June, and I wanted to take a minute to let you know what a great job she has done handling our reservations. She is a pleasure to work with - a professional in every sense of the word - and an asset to you organization. I would recommend her to anyone I know.

We have been a complicated customer I would say, to put it mildly. First, there was my family of four and I called Maria with numerous questions, and changed our room type at least one time before we were set. Then, my 82-year-old widow father decided to come, too; so Maria got him booked. THEN, my brother and his family of four who live in Florida decided to go, and contacted Maria to book their reservations. Maria has done a tremendous job keeping us updated, getting us booked, linking our reservations, and ensuring we know every step of the way what we should be doing and when. Finally, because we hadn't been complicated enough, my 79-year-old widowed aunt (sister to my late mother) decided to come, too, but booked directly with Princess Cruises. Maria called Princess Cruises, made sure my aunt's reservation referenced ours for dinner seating purposes, and never once complained or mentioned the extra work we were causing. Maria does it all with a smile that comes across on the phone or via e-mails, even though we cannot see her.

I have worked in the service industry, actually for Continental Airlines years ago, and I know how hard it can be to please people, and also have a good feeling for what a good travel agent does for their customers. I also know that usually we hear from customers only when things go wrong, and never when they go right. I wanted you to hear good news, receive a letter that might make your day, and know that you have a wonderful employee on your staff.

Vickie H Stokes

Kathy has helped me book my upcoming cruise in '09 with an unbelievable amount of patience! I have had many interferences during my trying to book and she stayed right there with me. She was remarkable and I so very much appreciate her time with me and her call backs, when most would have given up - but she understood my situation and stayed the course with me!!! Thank you, Kathy. Vickie Stokes

Please email your feedback to: customerservice@montrosetravel.com

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